Let us assist you with your sand and gravel needs, we have products suitable for many applications

Our high quality sand is available for: Concrete; Asphalt; Landscaping; Playgrounds; Footing for Equine Arenas; Base for Swimming Pools; and Lakes and “Beaches”.

Our Missouri River Coarse Class “A” Sand meets MoDOT Specifications.

Hermann Plant

Our gravel processing facility at the Hermann location produces bulk material for numerous purposes including: Exposed Aggregate Concrete; Indoor and Outdoor Landscaping; Foundation for Playground Equipment; Sidewalks & Walkways; Drainage Septic Systems; and Chip and Seal.

  • MoDOT Approved Missouri River Coarse Class “A” Sand
  • Missouri River Mason Sand
  • Old Monroe Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Washed Creek Gravel (available in 3/8″ Pea Gravel, 1″ and  3″)
  • Missouri River Rock (available in 3/8” Pea Gravel, 1″ and 1.5″)
  • Gasconade River Gravel is currently unavailable

Jefferson City Plant

In addition to Missouri River Coarse Class A Sand and Fill Sand, we also offer a “washed” sand product designated as Missouri River Ultra Low Lignite Processed Concrete Sand (“ULL Sand”).

  • MoDOT Approved Missouri River Coarse Class “A” Sand
  • Missouri River Mason Sand
  • Ultra Low Lignite Sand
  • Double Run Ultra Low Lignite Sand
  • Fill Sand

For more information regarding pricing and what we currently have on hand at either location, please email

Gasconade Pea Gravel Missouri River Pea Gravel
Great for landscaping!
1″ Missouri River Gravel 1″ Gasconade Gravel
Missouri River Coarse Sand Missouri River Mason Sand
This is ideal for pools. 
1″ Creek Gravel 3” Creek Gravel